Arthur Schlesinger Jr. once remarked “power in America today is control of the means of communication.” Today, a few tech companies wield that control more than ever.

In addition to their own ideological biases, these companies face enormous pressure from the media, advertisers, and foreign governments to censor unpopular speech. Most legal and policy commentators–including many who otherwise oppose corporate speech rights–will simply note that these are private companies. The few who are willing to consider government action often demonize the companies and argue for harsh antitrust or privacy enforcement which would do little to actually promote free speech.

I am hoping to look at this issue from a different perspective, which recognizes that there may be necessary legal and policy fixes to promote speech online while taking into account the enormous benefits these companies bring to society and outside pressures they face.

Right now, this is a purely extracurricular activity, but I have been considering potential avenues for litigation. If you have been suspended or censored by one of these platforms, please contact me.